Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Kind of Tests We Don't Like

We have a midterm coming up on Wednesday, October 21st. Our assignment this week is to come up with some questions for the exam. Here are my 10 questions.

A Java class called "MyDate" has a method "getDay" that takes an integer and returns a string representation of the day of the week (e.g. getDay(0) = "Sunday", getDay(5) = "Friday"). If the day number is not valid, "getDay" returns null.

1. What are the equivalence partitions for "getDay"?

There are 3 partitions for this method. Let dayNum be the variable that is passed in to getDay(). Then the partitions are (a) dayNum <> 6.

2. Write a unit test for "getDay".

* Tests the getDay method.
public void testGetDay() {
int dayNum = -1;
assertNull("Testing with dayNum < 0", getDay(dayNum));
dayNum = 0;
assertEquals("Testing valid day", getDay(dayNum), "Sunday");
dayNum = 7;
assertNull("Testing with dayNum > 0", getDay(dayNum));

3. According to Richard Gabriel in "The Poetry of Programming", how is writing poetry similar to writing code?
Richard Gabriel states that his mind is in a "particular place" when he is writing either code or poetry. He is thinking about the possibilities and directions as he is writing.

4. Bob has some code in a Subversion code repository. What svn commands would I use to (a) get a fresh copy of his code, (b) make sure I have the latest revision, and (c) submit my code changes?

(a) "checkout", (b) "update" (or "status --show-updates"), and (c) "commit".

5. Name a reason why you might want to use a Java collections class instead of an array class.

Fairly open ended question. One good reason is that you might need a set or a hash table. These are implemented as collections.

6. What is Linus' Law and how does it apply to the "bazaar" style of development?

Linus' Law is "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow". This applies to the bazaar style of development because problems will be found quickly and the fix may be obvious to someone in the bazaar.

7. Why is measuring code quality by test coverage a bad idea?

One reason is that the test coverage report does not show if all possible paths through the code are taken.

Questions 8-10 deal with the following implementation of onScannedRobot:

* Event that is thrown when an enemy is detected.
public void onScannedRobot(ScannedRobotEvent event) {
String currentEnemy = null;
double bearing = event.getBearing();
if(event.getName() == currentEnemy) fire(3);

8. Name a violation that would be found by Checkstyle.

There are two issues (as far as I know). The obvious one is that the if statement is inline and not a block statement. The other is that there is no @param tag for event.

9. Name a violation that would be found by PMD.

PMD would notice that bearing is set but never used. It might also catch an error found by Checkstyle.

10. Name a violation that would be found by Findbugs.

Findbugs would find the NullPointerException that this code will probably throw when it is run.

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